CLE Heartstrings

An inspirational collection of handmade items to lift spirits, connect hearts, and bring joy!

About Us

Christie Lynch Ebert,

Store Owner

Heartstrings: used in reference to one's deepest feelings of love or compassion. (Oxford Dictionary)

I am a dedicated wife, mom of three children & two dogs. I have a background in and love of music and the arts. I recently retired, having served as an educator and administrator for nearly three decades for my state public school system. 

My time is devoted to being present for my family: my husband and his business; our daughter, and our two sons. I also love and cherish ways that I can spend time with and support my family members and dear friends. 

Heartstrings - Making Connections

Creating art and handmade items, making music, cooking, and writing are some of the ways I honor my heartstrings tied to all those who I love and who have gone before me. 

As an educator and administrator, I was fueled by making connections and unifying efforts (for children, teachers, educators and administrators) around the "whole child."  Learning does not take place in isolation and children must have their academic, social, and emotional needs addressed to be successful. These are the heartstrings of education, of which I still dedicate a significant amount of time.

If you walk through our house, you will see connections to heartstrings of our family: furniture that was once my grandparents; pictures from my great Aunt Jo; quilts made by my husband's grandmother; pictures painted by my father or other family members; and the list goes on. Each of these physical things are visible reminders of loved ones and cherished memories that weave us together across generations. Walking by and glancing at these physical items is like receiving a hug from the person or people connected to them - whether they are living now or remembering the love they shared with us while here on earth.

I created this space to be able to share those special connections, or heartstrings, that bind us together and bring meaning, joy, and purpose to our lives.  My hope is to inspire others through handmade items, provide insights, and share stories that connect others' heartstrings, lift their spirits, and help share joy! Over time, I hope to share many "heartstrings" stories from our family and others.  

Each item that I create is unique and handcrafted by me. I choose themes, colors, textures, and media that speak to me in some way and I hope will touch, speak to, or inspire you. Some items are seasonal and others are simply fun or charming. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like for me to create a custom piece just for you! 

My heartstrings are grounded in faith and love for all of humankind... 

Why Choose Us?

We have a mission to create handmade items that lift spirits, connect hearts, and bring joy! Each item you purchase is completely handmade with love by owner/creator Christie Lynch Ebert. Items are made one at a time and we love receiving custom orders made to your specifications. For this reason, you may see "sold out" on many items but you can still order from us by contacting us directly to have something made just for you or someone you love!

(Lillie, North Carolina) Wow. Seriously - just wow. This is so amazingly perfect and soooooo cute. I love it - my husband is amazed as well and loves it. We are so excited - Thank you! (Lillie had a custom sign made using hand lettering and painted oyster shells)

(David, North Carolina) Quality hand-crafted items created with an appreciation of love and life. Each item evokes warm feelings of comfort and home. 

(Angela, Indiana) Christie is the sweetest! She sent a kind message as soon as she got my order...and a beautiful thank you card with my order. Definitely ordering from her again. If the rating was 1-10, she's a 100!

(Penny Jane, Texas) Beautiful. Was a great overall experience. I love them both. Thank you! (Penny Jane purchased the Rustic Rooster Plate and Rustic Rooster Print with Hand Painted Vintage Frame)

(Janice, North Carolina) Christie, thank you for the beautiful vase. Your website says “intended to lift spirits, connect hearts and bring joy”, girl you have done just that. May I add, brings beauty into your home. I have butterflies in so many places and this added love and just the right touch to them. I have already had so many compliments on it and will continue to add to other collections. I appreciate your sweet heart and your many talents. Watching your website closely to buy before “SOLD OUT” goes up.

(Anonymous, North Carolina) Christie always goes the extra mile and quickly follows up on special requests . An absolute pleasure to work with her , and it certainly proves the benefits of working with small business owners

(Anonymous, North Carolina) It’s not just “stuff” you create. You infuse it with your energy and your soul and that can make a difference in people's lives.

(Jane, North Carolina) I LOVE the Patriotic wreath you made for me! I have to smile every time I see it and plan to keep it hanging on my door all July, not just for the 4th, as I like it SO much! I also really like the Patriotic blocks you made..and, they will remain on my counter all July, too! Thank you for using your talents in such creative ways. 

(Patty, North Carolina) Best small creative craft business in the area - well made pieces with love and care and excellent prices. And the very best customer service. A great reason to Shop Local!

(Anonymous, North Carolina) I gave your angel to my friend this afternoon and she immediately asked if she could give it to her mom in the hospital because she would love this...Of course I said yes, that I wanted her to know the angels are looking out for her! So just letting you know that your creations are out there in the world uplifting lives." 

(Joan, North Carolina) I bought a beautiful red, white and blue wreath, a mermaid vase and a pair of candlestick holders. I love them all!!! The creativity and expert execution are superb!!! I will be watching this site diligently!!! 

(Prissie, Alabama) 5 Stars - Thank you. I love it! (Prissie purchased the "America" Yarn and Fabric Rag Wreath)

(Nate, Illinois) - Christie is great to work with. She responds promptly and the item was just as described - fast shipping and the quality and craftsmanship of her work is absolutely AMAZING. Also got a very nice thank you letter from her. I will definitely be buying from her again.



Raleigh, NC USA